Community Outreach

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Root Cause
Lack of understanding between minority communities and police
Educate the 15-21 age group on how to deal and interact with police during encounters so that everyone can leave the interactions safely by providing them with a copy of Encounters with Police: A Black Man’s Guide to Survival
Target Locations
High risk areas where these lessons need to be implemented now
(New York, Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, Memphis, Minneapolis)
Target Audience
Black 9-12 grade students are the priority since youth will be obtaining their driver’s licenses that may increase their chances of contact, however the content is helpful for college age students as well.
July - December 2020
Support Requested
We respectfully request your financial support to purchase and distribute books to the public-school systems in each market identified above.

Updates will be provided regularly with a list of school or organizational recipients, and contributions will be promoted via social media, public relation initiatives and via

To provide your support, please provide us with your contact information via the contact us page